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Learn Motor Driving in Lucknow

"We Drive Our Way,as the way You Learn"

Shukla Motor Training School

Shukla Motor Training School started 4 years ago as a family run driving school. Our business has grown since then and we now boast 05 driving instructors. Our aim is to provide Comfortable, Quality driving tuition for our pupils, not purely just to obtain their driving license but also for safe driving for life. Statistics show that a large percentage of road traffic accidents involve young or newly trained drivers and we, as a driving school, are dedicated to help reduce this percentage. Our driving school is Government Approved,We also do the R.T.O Related Works,Like License for two,three, four wheelers, work,etc.contact us for perfect and safe driving,,,,!!!!

  • Safe Driving
  • Defensive driving
  • Road user's tips
  • First-Aid in road accidents
  • Learner's licence & permanent
  • Fuel saving tips, and many more